Buying a Home – My Commitment to Exceptional Service

I appreciate how significant buying a house really is. You have a lot on the line. Your new house will likely be your biggest financial investment. And, just as important, it’ll be the place you call “home” – perhaps for years to come.

You have a choice of real estate agents. Some offer a low level of service at a discount price. That’s not me or what I provide. I always strive to provide an exceptional level of service, to help you find a house you feel is truly the right one for you, at the best price possible, meanwhile ensuring your interests are protected.

Overall, it’s very important to me that your home buying experience is a great one. I aim to provide high value at every step of the buying process. These are some of the advantages I’ll provide when I represent you as your buyer agent…

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Step Buying a Home – Advantages I Provide

Needs & Wants
  • Systematic, in-depth conversation to understand your needs and wants
  • Discussion of pros and cons of where you presently live
  • Initial review of listings to further inform/clarify your search criteria going forward

  • Review of what will be affordable for you and potential financing options
  • Estimation of your “closing costs” and other out-of-pocket costs
  • Recommendation of your best purchasing strategy, based on your situation
  • Referrals to high quality, local mortgage brokers/lenders
  • Informed advice regarding the critically-important “lender letter” you will obtain

Find the
House for You
  • Highly-targeted searches of listings based on your search criteria
  • Real-time identification of houses matching your search criteria, direct from the MLS
  • Showings of as many properties as you desire to see
  • Ongoing, thoughtful refinement of your priorities, based on houses seen/considered

Price Target
  • Rigorous analysis of the most relevant “comparables” and current micro-market conditions
  • Research on the seller’s financial situation
  • Review of available online land records for issues that might affect the property or purchase

  • Informed, experienced advice on overall negotiating strategy
  • Rigorous determination of all contingencies and clauses you will need in your offer contract to fulfill your objectives and to protect your interests
  • Thorough review of draft offer contract with you before you sign it
  • Electronic document signing via a convenient, secure service
  • Referrals to high quality settlement companies

with Seller
  • Clear, experienced advice on whether/how to respond to a seller’s counter-offer
  • Effective, seasoned negotiating on your behalf
  • Continuous updates, so you are fully informed/involved throughout the process

  • Clear, knowledgeable advice regarding which inspections to have completed
  • Referrals to high quality home inspectors
  • My presence at all inspections, so I have first-hand understanding of any issues identified
  • Experienced, knowledgeable advice on which issues to ask a seller to repair
  • Effective, seasoned negotiating on your behalf


(if applicable)
  • Guidance on reviewing HOA/condominium documents
  • Informed perspective on any issues of potential concern

to Closing
  • Close monitoring of everything to be completed before settlement – appraisal, mortgage approval, settlement preparation, seller repairs, etc.
  • Proactive assistance to resolve issues, if/when they arise

  • Systematic, thorough check of the property with you, to identify any unexpected problems
  • Immediate, effective negotiating to remedy any issues, to protect your interests

  • In advance of closing, review of the preliminary settlement statement with you
  • At closing, experienced, knowledgeable advice/negotiating, if unexpected issues arise