Historic Homes – The Specialist Expertise You Need

Historic homes (roughly speaking, let’s say homes built before World War II) often have a unique charm and can wonderfully evoke an earlier era. It’s no surprise, then, that some people desire a historic home, rather than a more modern house. At the same time, though, historic homes can sometimes present complications and challenges, as a result of their age and the construction techniques in use when they were built – ranging from minor maintenance headaches to the need for very significant, unexpected repairs.

Overall, when you’re buying or selling a historic home, the potential risks are greater. That’s why it’s vitally important that everyone working for you – especially your real estate agent – have significant experience with historic homes.

I’ve worked with clients on both the purchase and sale of historic homes and, through that experience, gained extensive knowledge of the range of problems – some not readily apparent – that historic homes can potentially have. In addition, since 2001, my family and I have owned and lived in a historic home in Rockville. We had it completely renovated – and I was closely involved in every step of the renovation process. We also completed an extensive renovation of an older cottage on the Magothy River, north of Annapolis.

I’ve developed a set of effective strategies for ensuring the interests of my clients – as a buyer or seller of a historic home – will be protected from start to finish of the real estate transaction. These are some of the advantages I’ll provide as your real estate agent when buying or selling a historic home…