Selling a Home – My Commitment to Exceptional Service

There’s a lot to successfully selling a home. You want to achieve the highest sale price possible, within a short time, often simultaneously looking ahead to the purchase of your next home. Selling a home can sometimes get complicated, and you have a lot on the line – especially if your home is your biggest financial investment.

You have a choice of real estate agents. Some offer a low level of service at a discount price. That’s not me or what I provide. I always strive to provide an exceptional level of service, to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

Overall, it’s very important to me that your home selling experience is a great one. I aim to provide high value at every step of the selling process. These are some of the advantages I’ll provide when I represent you as your listing agent…

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Step Selling a Home – Advantages I Provide

Price Target
  • Review of your homes’ features, condition and relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Rigorous analysis of the most relevant “comparables” and current micro-market conditions
  • Clear comparison of your home versus comparables to inform a realistic price target

Consider Your
Other Objectives
  • Systematic identification of your objectives/constraints, beyond price (e.g., timing, inclination to make repairs/improvements, utilizing an open house, showing time availability, etc.)
  • A comprehensive sale plan/schedule, based on your price target and other objectives

for Listing
  • A detailed list of recommended repairs/improvements, based of my review of your property, prioritized based on upfront cost and your expected return on investment
  • Referrals to high quality home improvement contractors
  • Management of your contractors completing your desired repairs/improvements, if you desire
  • Staging plan plus option to engage professional staging company

  • Marketing strategy highlighting property’s most compelling features/differentiators
  • Professional photographs and floor plans, to be used for listing and brochure
  • Professional brochure, in hard copy and pdf format file
  • Listing on multiple listing service and all major real estate websites
  • Open house, typically within first week of the listing
  • Promotion of listing to my personal network (over one thousand people)
  • Centralized Showing Service, to give you complete control of showings scheduling

  • Thorough analysis of each offer and its unique set of terms (and potential risks)
  • Clear, effective side-by-side comparison of offers, when multiple offers
  • Continuous updates, so you are fully informed/involved throughout the process

with Buyer
  • Clear, experienced advice on whether/how to respond to buyers’ offers
  • Effective, seasoned negotiating on your behalf
  • Continuous updates, so you are fully informed/involved throughout the process

  • Experienced, knowledgeable advice on how best to respond to repair requests from buyers
  • Effective, seasoned negotiating on your behalf


(if applicable)
  • Obtain documents required to be provided to buyer (costs paid by you)

to Closing
  • Close monitoring of everything to be completed before settlement – appraisal, mortgage approval, settlement preparation, seller repairs, etc.
  • Proactive intervention to resolve issues, if/when they arise

  • Presence at buyer’s walk-through inspection, to immediately analyze any issues raised
  • Effective, expeditious resolution of issues raised, under your authorization

  • In advance of closing, review of the preliminary settlement statement with you
  • At closing, experienced, knowledgeable advice/negotiating, if unexpected issues arise